If you are interested in manufacturing your products in China or Taiwan let the ISN team with their vast experience in global trade and relations be your link.
We can assist with price negotiation, tooling, quality control, production time, and delivery schedules.

ISN has an extensive network of Chinese and Taiwanese factories that can manufacture both new and/or existing products. Our network of factories has been inspected and meet all government regulations. We only source for factories with modern technology and qualified engineers.

ISN will implement quality control for all stages of production. Samples will be taken from initial production runs and sent to you for your written approval. We will provide pictures and/or video taken of your product during the production process. When your order is midway through production we will take some final samples and send them to you for final approval prior to shipping.  We do not ship any merchandise without the signed approval of our clients.

ISN can assist with custom packaging  and labeling of your products. This includes UPC's and any other automated labels required by your company. This way you receive your product ready to ship to your customers.

ISN recommends that all products be tested by and accredited testing facility.
The collaboration between ISN and Foshan Aluminum Products, a Chinese manufacturer, expanded the product base for all types of aluminum products.

With ISN's extensive network of various factories they have also grown into a factory that can merge various types of materials for the manufacturing of complete  in house assembled products with private labeling.
The capabilities available for aluminum products include:

                         Melting      Welding      Milling      Bending
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